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  Plastic scintillators   Liquid scintillators
EJ-200 best overall general properties EJ-301 PSD Liquid, fast n/g discrimination
EJ-204 high-performance gen'l properties, EJ-305 High light out, fast n, gamma, cosmics
EJ-208 good gen'l properties, long attn. length EJ-309 n/gamma discrim., high flash point
EJ-212 good gen'l properties, NE-102A equiv. EJ-313 Hydrogen-Free, neutron studies
EJ-228 very fast, high pulse pair resolution EJ-315 deuterated, for neutron
EJ-230 Like EJ-228, for detectors longer 100mm EJ-321L mineral oil based, large tanks, cosmics
EJ-232 very Fast timing, use with blue WLS EJ-321H deuterated, for neutron
EJ-240 Long decay time, PSD application EJ-321P mineral oil base, for use PVC vessel
EJ-244 elevated temperature EJ-321S mineral oil base, for PSD
EJ-248 High temp., general properties EJ-325 mineral old base, PSD, fast n/g discrim.
EJ-252 dosimetry, water equivalent EJ-331 Gd-loaded high light out, fast n, neutrino
EJ-256 Lead loaded, for dosimetry EJ-335 Gd-loaded, Mineral old based
EJ-260 green emitting plastic EJ-339 B-10 based, n-spectrometry, PSD
EJ-264 orange emitting plastic EJ-351 dioxane base cocktail for aquaous samples
EJ-280 WLS, green wavelength shifter EJ-399-04 good affinity to plastics & fiber
EJ-284 WLS, orange wavelength shifter EJ-399-05c for capillaries capsulation, fast-n
EJ-296 scintillating paint, beta detection EJ-399-05d for capillaries capsulation, deuterated
  EJ-298 wavelength shifting paint EJ-399-06 good affinity to plastic & fiber, n/g discrim.
  EJ-299-07   very thin film, 5µm ~ 25µm thick   EJ-399-08   good affinity to plastic, use with EJ-299-13
  EJ-299-08   thin films, low UV component   EJ-399-09   ( renamed to EJ-309 )
  EJ-299-10   thin films, elevated temperature use        
  EJ-299-13   long decay time, use with liquid scint.        
for EJ-212 and EJ-299-08, ZnS:Ag phosphor coated types on thin pressed sheet are available.
EJ-444 is ZnS:Ag phosphor coated EJ-212 thin plastic scintillator tile.
for EJ-3xx Liquid scintillators, "VM" & "VMF" type cells are available.   [ see example ]
  special detectors   accessories
EJ-400 * fast neutron recoil detector, cylinder EJ-500 optical cement
EJ-410 fast neutron recoil detector, cylinder EJ-510 reflector paint for plastics, etc.
EJ-420 Thermal neutron detector EJ-520 reflector paint for Liquid cell
EJ-440 ZnS:Ag coated polyester film for alpha EJ-560 silicone optical interface
EJ-442 ZnS:Ag coated acrylic plastic or glass EJ-590/B10 double side aluminized polyester film
EJ-444 EJ-212 plastic scint. with ZnS:Ag phosphor EJ-590/B13 * double side aluminized polyester film
 * discontinued

Plastics / Liquids scintillators - cross reference
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