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Highest Light output Liquid Scintillator
EJ-305 is based on highly purified pseudocumene (1,2,4-trimethylbenzene) and has the highest light output of any liquid scintillator, 80% of anthracene.   The liquid boasts excellent optical clarity with bulk technical attenuation coefficient greater than 300cm.   It can be encapsulated in cells employing windows made of cast acrylic plastic.   Although it has a flash point now considered flammable, it is relatively high within that category and presents a relatively low fire and toxicity hazard.
EJ-305 is available in bulk or encapsulated in the ELJEN type VM cells which consist of an aluminum body with a 6mm thick optical window and sealed under inert gas.   As with any liquid scintillator, handling should be done with care regarding cleanliness and personnel protection.   Storage is best done in dry conditions and moderate temperatures.   EJ-305 is formulated for excellent long-term stability, and best storage is done under inert gas in sealed containers.
Light Output (% of Anthracene) 80% No. of  H Atoms / cm3 5. 36 x 1020
Photons produced by 1 MeV e¯ 12,000 No. of  C Atoms / cm3 4. 03 x 1022
Wavelength of max. Emission 425 nm H:C ratio 1. 33
Decay Time, Short Component 2. 7 ns No. of Electrons / cm3 2. 95 x 1023
Bulk Light Attenuation Length >3 meters EJ-305 Emission Spectrum
Specific Gravity 0. 893
Refractive Index 1. 505
Flash Point 45°C (113°F)
Boiling Range 169°C
VMF type cell with flange

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