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Liquid Scintillator for capillaries capsulation
This special liquid scintillator is formulated specifically for encapsulation in capillaries with bore size down to 250µm (1/100") for imaging with fast neutrons.   Its important properties are,
  • Very high light output
  • High refractive index
  • High flash point
  • Low chemical toxicity
  • Biodegradable
For good light-piping in capillaries, high refractive index is critical.   Among the several liquid scintillator solvents traditionally known for their high refractive indices, most are chemically and photochemically unstable and consequently darken over a period of a few months if exposed to air or UV light for even relatively short times.   Hence the components of EJ-399-05C1 were selected to provide an outstanding combination of high scintillation efficiency, high refractive index and excellent chemical stability in order to endure the often complicated handling associated with encapsulating liquids in capillary arrays.
EJ-399-05C1 additionally has a low vapor pressure making it suitable for using vacuum techniques when loading capillaries.   Its high flash point and low chemical toxicity make it a relatively safe liquid to handle.   It is always advisable, however, to exercise reasonable caution when handling organic solvents with regard to personal contact and breathing.

properties atomic composition
Light Output (% of Anthracene) 80% No. of  H Atoms / cm3 5. 11 x 1022
Photons produced by 1 MeV e¯ 12,000 No. of  C Atoms / cm3 4. 55 x 1022
Wavelength of max. Emission 425 nm H:C ratio 1. 12
Decay Time, Short Component 3. 5 ns No. of Electrons / cm3 3. 24 x 1023
Specific Gravity 0.993 EJ-399-05c Emission Spectrum
Refractive index 1. 564
Flash Point 145°C (293°F)
Boilign Point 293°C (559°F)
Vapor Pressure 0.01 mmHg
at 25°C
Trapping Efficiency in
Borosilicate Glass Tubes  

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