ELJEN Products List EJ-399-06 Liquid Scintillator distributed by
This new liquid scintillator provides several uniquer properties of particular value to research and applied physics.
  • High Light output
  • Excellent neutron / Gamma pulse shape discrimination ratio
    can be used for fast neutron science
  • Chemical compatibility with nearly all plastics, including scintillating optical fibers
    also EJ-399-09 is available to use with plastics and fiber scintillators
  • High flash point
  • Operable at high temperatures
  • Low chemical toxicity
  • Biodegradable
This scintillator exhibits excellent pulse shape discrimination (PSD) properties for fast neutron counting spectrometry in the presense of Gamma radiation.  The basic properties is almost compatible to EJ-301 but is improved with its chemical formulation to provide very low solvent action and low flammability characteristics.  EJ-399-06 is particularly suited for intermediate sized detectors employing common commercial plastics in their container fabrication, such acrylics and PVC.   It provides over twice the light output of mineral oil based liquids having similar plastic compatibility.
Its low vapor pressure and high flash point recommend EJ-399-06 for use in high temperature environments. 
Note: while this scintillator is especially fortified for high temperature use, deoxidization of the liquid is strongly recommended to guarantee long life at elevated temperatures.
Light output (% of Anthracene) 60%   No. of  H Atoms / cm3 6. 25 x 1022
Photons produced by 1MeV e¯ 9,200   No. of  C Atoms / cm&3 3. 89 x 10&22
Wavelength of max. Emission 425 nm   H: C Ratio 1. 61
Decay Time, Short Component 3. 5 ns   No. of Electrons / cm&3 2. 96 x 10&23
Bulk Light Attenuation Length >3. 5 meters EJ-399-06 Emission Spectrum
Specific Gravity 0. 90
Refractive Index 1. 48
Flash Point 138°C (280°F)
Boiling Range 280°C~307°C
Vapor Pressure @100°C 0. 18~0. 23 mmHg
@150°C 20 ~ 25 mmHg

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