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plastic and crystal scintillators
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EJ-510 is a bright white paint consisting of titanium dioxide pigment and a water soluble paint base selected for excellent resistance to yellowing and good adhesion.  While primarily intended for coating of blue-emitting plastic scintillators, EJ-510 employs a blend of pigments selected also for enhanced reflectivity for longer wavelength scintillators with green emissions.  This is a diffuse reflector for use on scintillators where the length is not greater than twice the width. &nbs; It should not be used on long narrow optical elements.
This brand new paint formulation comprises the most recent advances in pigment and binder technologies of 1990s.  Other improvements over traditional high reflectance paints are (a) smoothness of application whether by brusing or spraying and (2) covering ability -- fewer coats are required to achieve maximum reflactivity.  It is not water soluble after it has thoroughly dried.   EJ-510 should not be used on hygroscopic materials.  Use EJ-520 Reflective Paint where contact with liquid scintillator will occur.  
EJ-510 is applied by brusing the paint as received or by spraying after a little thinning with water as required (typically 20%).   Equipment may be cleaned with water and detergent. 
  spectral response

  • 500ml ( 0.5 Liter ) bottle
  • 1,000ml ( 1 Liter ) bottle
  • 1 gallon ( 3.76 Liter ) bottle
  • 5 gallon ( 18.9 Liter ) drum

EJ-510   500cc bottle example

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