ELJEN Products List EJ-228 and EJ-230
very fast timing plastic scintillators
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Both of these plastic scintillator are intended for very fast timing applications or when very high pulse pair resolution is required.   For the best timing results, EJ-228 is small sizes should be used to minimize proton scattering effects.   EJ-230 is a variant on the optimized EJ-228 formula for applications where a detector dimension must exceed 10cm.   The use of light guides is also best avoided.
The mean free path of the scintillation emission spectrum, with maximum at 391nm, is typically 100cm, hence, scintillators are up to 50cm can be employed with good timing and light collection result.   These scintillators are particularly useful where very high count rates are present.

properties EJ-228 EJ-230
  Light Output ( %Anthracene ) 67% 64%
  Scintillation efficiency, photons / 1MeV e- 10,200 9,700
  Wavelength of max. emission [nm] 391nm 391nm
  Rise time [ns] 0.5 nSec 0.5 nSec
  Decay time [ns] 1.4 nSec 1.5 nSec
  Pulse width, FWHM [ns] 1.2 nSec 1.3 nSec
  No. of H atoms per cm3 x 1022 5.15 5.15
  No. of C atoms per cm3 x 1022 4.69 4.69
  H:C ratio 1.098 1.098
  No. of Electrons per cm3 x 1023 3.33 3.33
  Density 1.02 1.02
EJ-228/EJ-230 emission spectrum

Chemical compatibility:

Is attacked by aromatic solvents, chrorinated solvents, ketons, solvent bonding cements, etc.   It is stable in water, dilute acids and alkalis, lower alcohols and silicone greases.  
It is safe to use most epoxies and "super glues" with EJ-228 and EJ-230.

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