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aluminized polyester film

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Low pinhole rate aluminized polyester film for Scintillators
made by double side aluminized polyester film for radiation detector
This EJ-590/B13 is an extremely thin polyester film coated on both sides with aluminum metal.  The film is specifically fabricated for use in alpha and beta particle radiation detectors as a light-tight radiation window.  It's extreme thinness precludes the absence of pinholes, and a light-tight radiation window is usually constructed with three closely laid layers of the film thus achieving light tightness by virtue of the mis-alignment of the pinholes. 
The film is supplied on rolls with a maximum width of 305mm (12 inch) and maximum length of 7,620mm (25 feet). 
It should be handled in a clean environment with care to avoid wrinkling and abrasion. 
It may be cemented to support frames by using a variety of commercial adhesives including acrylics, silicones and epoxies.   It may be cleaned by rinsing with methanol or isopropyl alcohol or by gentle wiping with clean cotton soaked in alcohol. 
This EJ-590/B13 also can be used as the reflector sheet for scintillators.

       Thickness 1.5µm ( 6.0 x10-5 inch )
       Density 0.22mg / cm2
       aluminized layer thickness 700 angstroms per side
  Transparency by alpha and beta particles
       3 layers will stop approximately 1 MeV of energy from an alpha particle
       3 layers will stop approximately 20 keV of energy from a beta particle
  Standard form
       250mm wide  x  7,430mm long roll

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