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These paints consist of a polyvinyltoluene (PVT) binder and fluorescent dopants dissolved in a xylene solvent.   The blue fluorescent emission spectrum is presented below.   The paint is nominally 20% solids by weight.   Hence, one liter will cover approximately 0.33 square meter with a film 50 micrometers (0.002 inch) thick.
The paints may be applied to clean glass plates by brushing or by a draw-bar technique to produce a clear film.   Adhesion is best when the painted substrate is well cleaned so as to be free of any invisible residues.   The paints should be applied at room temperature or at a slightly elevated temperature for the best result.   Multiple coats maybe applied, but each successive coat should be kept thin in order to avoid softening of the dried layers beneath.

3 blue emitting formulas are offered which vary in regard to their response UV sensitivity.
EJ-298-A, EJ-298-B, EJ-298-C are for each different exitation ranges, which are listed below table.
Chemical compatibility:
The dried paints are attacked by aromatic solvents, chrorinated solvents, keptons, solvent bonding cements, etc.   They are stable in water, dilute acids and alkalis, lower alchohols and silicone greases.
EJ-298 blue emission spectrum
  type: characteristics

  EJ-298-A excitation range =
320nm ~ 370nm
  EJ-298-B excitation range =
300nm ~ 370nm
  EJ-298-C excitation range =
270nm ~ 370nm
EJ-298 excitation spectrum

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