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This is the truly general purpose scintillator suitable for use in geometrics ranging from very thin films to thick cast sheets, rods, and ingots.   EJ-212 embodies the formula and excellent overall characteristics of the most diversely applied plastic scintillator used over the past twenty years.   Applications include industrial and health physics measurement of alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation as well as in numerous medical instruments and scientific research ranging from low background shields in nuclear physics to space-borne astrophysics systems.
Since it is formulated for very wide application range, it is best utilized in sizes up to 100 cm long.   EJ-200 should be considered for longer pieces.   The EJ-212 emission spectrum couples well with common blue-sensitive phototubes and also is sufficiently long to work well with standard acrylic light guides.

Physical and Scintillation Constants:
  Light Output, % Anthracene 65% EJ-212 emission spectrum
  Scintllation Efficiency, photons/1MeV e¯ 10,000
  Wavelength of max emission, nm 423
  Rise Time, ns 0. 9
  Decay Time, ns 2. 4
  Pulse Width [FWHM], ns 2. 7
  No. of H atoms per cm3 x 1022 5. 23
  No. of C atoms per cm3 x 1022 4. 74
  No. of electrons per cm3 x 1023 3. 37
  Density, g/cc 1. 03
Polymer Base:   Polyvinyltoluene
Refractive Index:   1. 58
Vapor Pressure:   Is vacuum-compatible
Coefficient of Linear Expansion:   7. 8 x 10-5 below +67°C
  Light Output vs. Temperature:   At +60°C, L.O.=95% of that at +20°C
  No change from +20° C to -60°C
Chemical Compatability:   Is attacked by aromatic solvents, chlorinated solvents,
  ketones, solvent bonding cements, etc.   It is stable in
  water, dilute acids and alkalis, lower alcohols and silicone
  greases.   It is safe to use most epoxies and "super glues"
  with EJ-212.

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