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EJ-315 deuterated liquid scintillator

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EJ-315 is based on highly purified deuterated benzene and is useful for fast neutron research.  A particularly highly enriched deuterated benzene is employed achieve the very high D:H ratio of 141:1.   A non-deuterated version, EJ-315P , based on normal benzene, is also available for comparison studies.
EJ-315 is available in bulk or encapsulated in the ELJEN type VM cells or VMF cells [ example ] which consist of an aluminum body with a 6mm thick optical window and sealed under inert gas.  Because of the toxic nature of benzene, it is strongly recommended that the liquids be ordered in the encapsulated form so you need only to mount your phototubes in order to put the scintillator into service.
Light Output (% of Anthracene) 60% No. of  D Atoms / cm3 4. 06 x 1022
Photons produced by 1 MeV e¯ 9,200 No. of  H Atoms / cm3 2. 87 x 1020
Wavelength of max. Emission 425 nm No. of  C Atoms / cm3 4. 10 x 1022
Decay Time, Short Component 3. 5 ns D: H ratio 141
Bulk Light Attenuation Length >3 meters No. of Electrons / cm3 2. 87 x 1023
Specific Gravity 0. 954 EJ-315 Emission Spectrum
Refractive Index 1. 498
Flash Point -11°C (12°F)
Boiling Range 79°C
VMF type cell with flange for liquid scintillator  

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