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EJ-399-08 Liquid Scintillator for use with Plastic scintillator
This new liquid scintillator is specifically intended for use in contact with the special plastic scintillator.
EJ-399-08 comprises the "fast" scintillator in the combination with EJ-299-13 plastic scintillator and has the following unique characteristics:
  • Emission spectrum nearly identical to that of EJ-299-13
  • Fluor system tailored for use in structures with small cross sections
  • Light output similar to that of EJ-299-13
  • High flash point - not considered flammable
The liquid base is based on mineral oil and high molecular weight aromatic solvents.   It exhibits very low chemical toxicity and has almost no odor.

  Light Output (% of Anthracene) 42 %   No. of  H Atoms / cm3 7.16 x 1022
  Photons produced by 1MeV e- 6,400   No. of  C Atoms / cm3 3.77 x 1022
  Wavelength of max. Emission 428 nm   H: C Ratio 1.90
  Decay Time, Short Component ~ 3. 5 ns   No. of Electrons / cm3 2.98 x 1023
  Bulk Light Attenuation Length > 1.0 meters EJ-399-08 Emission Spectrum
  Specific Gravity 0.86
  Refractive Index 1.50
  Flash Point 150°C
( 300°F )
  Boiling Range 287°C
( 550°F )
  Vapor Pressure @25°C < 0. 01mmHg
@150°C -   -   -

Also EJ-399-04 and EJ-399-09 are available for use with scintillation fibers and EJ-399-06 for special neutron - gamma discrimination purpose in combination with EJ-299-13 plastic scintillator.

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