ELJEN Products List EJ-299-13 plastic Scintillator distributed by
This plastic scintillator has an unusually long principal decay time, 285nSec.
It is a variant of our standard long decay time plastic scintillator, EJ-240,
and its primary application is to be used in combination with liquid scintillators having typical decay time near 3nSec.   It has been formulated to be used in direct contact with liquid scintillators.
The polymer structure has been modified to render the plastic largely resistance to the chemical action of slected, low solvent-action liquid scintillators which would otherwise attack a standard plastic scintillator.   EJ-299-13 also has enhanced machining properties to simply fabrication of complex structure such as the creation of a "honey-comb" scintillator cell by drilling of many small holes.
These special modifications to the polymer base do not effect the scintillation properties but do slightly increase the density.
physical and scintillation constants:
Light Output, % Anthracene 41% EJ-299-13 emission spectrum
Scintllation efficiency, photons/1MeV e¯ 6,300
Wavelength of max emission, nm 435
Decay time, nSec. 285
No. of H atoms per cm3 x 1022 5. 27
No. of C atoms per cm3 x 1022 4. 75
No. of electrons per cm3 x 1023 3. 38
Density, g/cc 1. 035
Polymer Base:   Polyvinyltoluene
Refractive Index:   1. 58
Vapor Pressure:   Is vacuum-compatible
Coefficient of Linear Expansion:   7. 8 x 10-5 below +67°C
Light Output vs. Temperature:   At +60°C, L.O.=95% of that at +20°C
  No change from +20° C to -60°C
Chemical Compatability:    Is attacked by aromatic solvents, chlorinated solvents, ketones, solvent bonding cements, etc.  It is stable in water, dilute acids and alkalis, lower alcohols and silicone greases.  It is safe to use most epoxies and "super glues" with EJ-299-13.

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